What is a modular home?
The parts of a house are designed, engineered and built in a modern factory. The pieces of the home pass through rigorous quality-control tests. Factory construction speeds up the building process as well as eliminates the possibility of errors and effects from conditions on the site. The manufactured components come together on the building site. The builder sets the pieces and finishes the exterior and interior of the home.

How long does it take to build a modular home?
Once you decide to place an order with Haven Homes, you will receive your delivery within six to twelve weeks depending on your specifications. The quick turnaround time means that we can build your modular home in significantly less time than a traditional stick-built home. The parts of the home are assembled in one to two days. After we set the home following the delivery, we complete the necessary finishing work within a few weeks.

Why should I choose a modular home?
Simply put, modular homes offer the best quality, price and convenience. The factory construction process allows you to buy a more structurally sound home. Modular homes generally contain twenty-five percent more wood than site-built homes. You can easily and affordably customize your home to meet your family’s needs. In addition, you benefit from:

  • construction in a climate controlled environment
  • highly-precise manufacturing in the factory
  • an energy efficient home
  • inspections of the quality of your home’s manufacturing
  • fast yet reliable construction
  • low-cost customization

How is a modular home different from a site-built home?
Once assembled, a modular home looks just like a traditionally-built house. Modular homes range from mansions to ranches, and they come in any style you desire. The only difference is that modular homes are built in a better way. A modular home is constructed in factory conditions that allow for quality control tests. Therefore, the quality of a modular home is higher and more reliable.

How much can I customize my home?
You can customize your home as much or as little as you want. You have complete flexibility to design your own dream home or choose from one of Haven Homes’ many models.