Owner Completion

How does it work?

Save thousands!  Complete it yourself.

It's Simple: We Start it ...

We construct the foundation walls, install the home and complete the roof.   At this point your home is up to 80% complete!!!

You finish the rest ...

You finish the carpentry trim and touch-up the interior, install the remaining exterior siding, complete electrical & plumbing hook-ups, install HVAC system, install any floor coverings not installed at the factory, build porches, decks and landscaping.

Our Program provides you with:

  • The industries finest systems built & modular building components
  • Engineering & design services
  • Financing Options & Referrals
  • Step by Step instructions
  • Land location assistance
  • A qualified sub-contractor list to assist you with home completion

We have hundreds of floor plans to choose from or we can customize a plan to suit your needs!

By taking advantage of our owner completion program customers have seen substantial savings by managing their own project.  Those who have utilized their own skills and the skills of their friends or family have seen even greater savings.