Multi-Family Homes

Whether you are looking to build a large scale single to four story apartment building, condominium complex, assisted living facility, dormitory or hotel, systems-built modular construction takes full advantage of the repetitive nature of this kind of construction and provides the cost savings required to make these projects viable and affordable in a time typically 50% faster than site builders without sacrificing quality of construction or architectural design. Sustainable design using green construction elements and Energy Star compliant building design are an integral part of our approach to system-built modular construction.
We provide pre-construction services, and we can work with your existing design and have it converted to a modular friendly format by our nationally recognized engineering team. We can also help design a cost effective project. Our network of factories will build to your specifications, under the watchful eye of the Gary Allen Modular Homes team at the same me time as site work is being completed. The buildings will be transported and assembled on site by Gary Allen Modular Homes to ensure a quality project completed on time and budget.

Advantages of using systems-built modular construction on your multi-family/commercial project:

  • Cost savings and cost containment
  • Time to occupancy quicker return on investment
  • Building off-site Prevailing wages not applicable for up to 85% of the buildings cost, minimal impact to neighbors or surrounding properties.
  • Quality of Construction precision built inside under quality controlled supervision
  • Green or sustainable elements of construction incorporated into building construction

Systems Built Modular construction is quickly becoming the method of choice by owners, developers, and general contractors who want a quality, precision built, eco-friendly project built by professionals who understand the time value of money and the benefit of building better, faster, greener and for less than traditional site builders.